Bundle Installation

This framework provides a Symfony bundle that will help you to use the components within your Symfony application.

If you use Laravel, you may be interested in this project: https://github.com/asbiin/laravel-webauthn


With Symfony Flex

composer require web-auth/webauthn-symfony-bundle

As the recipes are third party ones not officially supported by Symfony, you will be asked to execute the recipe or not. When applied, the recipes will prompt a message such as WebAuthn Framework is ready.

Without Symfony Flex

If you don't use Symfony Flex, you must register the bundle and route manually.


return [
    Webauthn\Bundle\WebauthnBundle::class => ['all' => true],


use Symfony\Component\Routing\Loader\Configurator\RoutingConfigurator;

return function (RoutingConfigurator $routes) {
    $routes->import('.', 'webauthn');


The first steps are:

You may also want to configure the other options offered by the bundle. Please refer to the configuration references.


Now you have a fully configured bundle, you can protect your routes and manage the user registration and authenticatin through the Symfony Firewall.

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