WebAuthn: Strong Authentication for your PHP applications

Seamless Integration with PHP Applications: Our Webauthn Documentation and Tutorials

Welcome to WebAuthn, the solution for strong authentication on the web. With WebAuthn, you can offer your users a secure, simple, and convenient authentication experience that seamlessly integrates with your PHP or Symfony application.

At Spomky-Labs, we are committed to making the web safer for all users. We provide free, libre, and open-source libraries and a Symfony bundle to help you implement strong authentication solutions for your websites and applications.

WebAuthn is an open-source technology developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is compatible with all modern web browsers. With WebAuthn and PHP, you can offer your users secure authentication without requiring them to remember complex passwords or provide sensitive personal information.

WebAuthn is supported by the FIDO Alliance, an organization working to promote open and interoperable strong authentication standards. You can learn more about the FIDO Alliance by visiting their website at https://fidoalliance.org/.

Explore our documentation to learn more about WebAuthn and how it can help you implement strong authentication in your PHP or Symfony application.

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