If you have troubles during the development of your application or if you want to keep track of every critical/error messages in production, you can use a PSR-3 compatible logger.

The Easy Way


use App\Service\MyPsr3Logger;
use Webauthn\Server;

$server = new Server(

// Set your logging service here
$server->setLogger(new MyPsr3Logger());

The Hard Way

Prior to version 3.3, the following classes have an optional constructor parameter $logger that can accept the logging service. From version 3.3 onwards you should use their setLogger function instead.

  • Webauthn\AttestationStatement\AttestationObjectLoader

  • Webauthn\AuthenticatorAssertionResponseValidator

  • Webauthn\AuthenticatorAttestationResponseValidator

  • Webauthn\PublicKeyCredentialLoader

  • Webauthn\Counter\ThrowExceptionIfInvalid

The Symfony Way

    logger: App\Service\MyPsr3Logger

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